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  • 2023年06月03日62. A man's greatest opponent is often not others, but his own laziness. Don't expect luck, luck can not always be on you, any time to rely on the ability to eat. You have to do your best to qualify for bad luck.
    2023年06月03日89. Since the choice of distance, it is doomed to both wind and rain.
    se五月天74. The mentality becomes stronger, the difficulty will become weaker, the problem will be solved easily, always must face the difficulty first, only then has the wind to break the waves. Morning!2023-06-03 06:48:05
    2023年06月03日 82.Mountains do not quit the earth, so can become its high; the sea does not quit the water, so can become its deep!
    2023年06月03日South Asia PVC-U plug

    20230603064805se五月天83. Let things let nature, things in calm, complacency when calm, frustrated when calm, hardships and twists and turns are inevitable, through the vicissitudes of understanding.